Leslie Jackson

Author, Motivational Speaker, Business Owner
Have you experienced both failure and success in your life? You are not the only one. What Leslie has learned...
Freedom from past mistakes, shame, guilt, fear, and so much more.
God didn’t create you or me to live in the slow lane living small constrained lives.
See your past in the rear-view mirror, but don’t turn around and tread the ground you’ve already traveled on.
Remember and learn from the bumps along the way so you can avoid them as you move forward.
God has created us to live wide-open, pedal to the metal, full lives!
Leslie shares on stage where she has been and how she has moved past the spotted little troubled girl full of adversity and into the victory lane!

About the Book Leslie is Writing

This unique story is about the good, bad, and ugly events of Leslie’s life. Read deeply as she opens up and becomes vulnerable in the rawness of the hurt and pain of the past so that this spotted girl, troubled girl, teased girl, can get back up and move on to be the best version of herself. Come along for the crazy ups and downs of her life.

Coming Soon

What you will find in this book...

Stories of Leslie’s life.

Some sad, some happy, and some ugly. Marriage, divorce, health, weight loss, skin disorder to name a few of the topics.

Leslie's Career

Read about Leslie’s professional career, how it progressed, from delivering phone books in a baby carriage to the owner of a successful roofing company.

Her Life's Lessons

How her life lessons can apply to your life and encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

Hope & Restoration

Help people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ.

Biblical References

Bible verses are intertwined throughout Leslie’s story in the book to make her story relatable to the times of old in an interesting and meaningful way.


• Author, Speaker, Propel Women Leader
Roofing Company Owner/Operator – 13 years
• Retail Women’s Boutique Owner/Operator – 2 years
• ASQ Certified Quality Engineer – 12 years
• Manufacturing Quality Manager – 7 years


Share stories in the upcoming book and by public speaking, to encourage all that need to hear it, they are worthy and not alone in their struggles.

It is not too late for them, they can make changes in their life, learn from their mistakes, and make a better life for themselves by living a God centered life.


Be in fellowship with God, be His hands and feet on earth, aid Him in bringing His word to others, and encourage all to lead their best life with God at the center.

Propel Women Gathering

When: Gatherings will be monthly on the 3rd Tuesday from 6:00pm to 7:30pm with free light snacks.

About us: We are a community of women encouraging each other to use our talents and passions to glorify God in the workplace and world. We will read and discuss curriculum from PropelWomen.org.

About the Author

Leslie’s Bio:

Leslie Jackson has been in front of audiences for years at churches and in a manufacturing setting. Recently she felt God calling her to write a book and speak to reach women to spread the word that they are not alone in their struggles, they are perfectly wonderful the way they were created. We need to forgive ourselves and accept God’s grace to begin again. With the support of community we can pursue together the why or the purpose God has placed us here on Earth.

When Leslie isn’t writing a book or speaking to an audience she enjoys racing her car on a dirt track, riding her motorcycle through the beautiful countryside, reading books, or spending time with her grandkids.

Public Speaking Engagements

Leslie is excited to share her life’s experiences full of the good, bad, and ugly she has lived thru and triumphed over as well as her daily walk with God to anybody that will listen.  It is never too late to begin again. Leslie had many false starts, but has found a way through it all to come out on the other side a better person. If you would like her to speak at your event, please refer to our contact page.