About Leslie

Recently Leslie has felt the calling to help others through sharing her stories of pain, frustration, and challenges so others can know that they are not alone. Most of us have struggles and we can help and support each other for a fuller and happier life.

She was born in Iowa and moved to Minnesota at age two. She looked like a leopard with spots covering her body, yet she wasn’t referred to as cute like a leopard. She eventually grew out of the spots and then got pregnant at age 17. Her life has been filled with challenges, yet she always pushed through them. Today she is happily married to her soul mate, has two daughters, one step-son, and three grandchildren. She is happy with life and lives one day at a time with purpose.
Leslie started her professional career in Quality Control in the mid 80’s and became an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer (ASQ CQE) 06/02/2007. One of the core functions of this position was auditing other company’s quality systems. Another aspect of this job was writing technical operating procedures for the company. At multiple manufacturing companies she was the Quality Department Manager. In 2006 she started a roofing company with her husband Jim. Owning and operating this company has been very educational. And rewarding in knowing that God has richly blessed our company so that we can provide for our employees and their families. The business began in their home as a part time endeavor in the evenings and weekends. Jim was in the roofing industry so word spread fast that they were open for business and they became very busy and eventually quit their full time jobs and went full time with their roofing company. Today the company is one of the top roofing companies in the Twin Cities.

Leslie embraces challenges and feels they are learning experiences to mold her into a better person. She spends her leisure time racing her car on the dirt track, driving her motorcycle, skydiving, going on top of tall buildings to photograph her roofing company’s latest roof, reading books and hanging out with her Grandkids. She lives in the country near the Twin Cities with her husband and 4 dogs.

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